About Project Life

Project Life is an intensive, volunteer-based program that works to restore the lost childhood of innocent victims of disaster. Our program brings orphans from Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and now Southeast Asia for a three to five month respite. They recover in the peaceful countryside of Western New York. These children (Faces of Peace), ages 9-12, are welcomed into the homes of local families and benefit from a therapeutic program of education and recreational activities. They make new friends, recover their health and learn new skills. They get a chance to just be kids again, free from the anxiety of catastrophe.

The children (Faces of Peace) return to their homes with new strength, new skills, greater confidence, and a special kind of hope that comes from knowing they have friends here who care deeply about them. Following their rehabilitation orphans return to their home countries. Project Life volunteers retain long-term contact with the orphans and their extended families by visiting them annually in their homes overseas.

You learn more by visiting our new website at http://www.projectlife-wli.org. Per a grant awarded to Project Life from GoArt!, we commemorated our 10 year anniversary in 2007 with the launch of Project Life’s book, “Saving a War-Torn Childhood”. This 40-page soft cover book is a collection of memoirs and letters from orphans, overseas family members, volunteers and more.

You can purchase the book as a way to help us raise funds to support our annual summer program. To order go to http://www.projectlife-wli.org.

Plus, you can join us on Facebook to help spread awareness or you can make a tax-deductible donation online via PayPal!

We look forward to blogging with you and hearing from you!

Important Note: Project Life does not permanently place children in the United States. The orphans selected for the program are not seeking long-term fostering or adoption.

Project Life is a program of World Life Institute, a federally registered 501(c)3 charity and nonprofit corporation based in Western New York. World Life Institute has sister programs officially registered in Canada, the United Kingdom (World Life Trust), South Africa, and Pakistan. Tax-deductible donations accepted in US and Canada.

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