Bighearted D.C. group gives grand welcome to orphans

Special thanks go to Washington based volunteer Natkai Akbar and her neighbors and friends for giving the orphans two days of marvelous activities in the nation’s capital.  Natkai’s group injected new excitement into Project Life with their generosity, enthusiasm and selfless spirit!

Natkai moved to the U.S. from Afghanistan when she was a child, and is currently a graduate student. Her background gives her a special interest in war orphans. She joined Project Life several times during D.C. area picnics and canoe rides in previous years.

But in summer 2011 she took her interest to a whole new level. Natkai and her neighbors and friends washed so many cars that they were able to fully sponsor two fun-filled days for the Project Life visitors.

DC Trip

Natkai Akbar, far right middle row, along with friends and neighbors at a water park with Project Life orphans and volunteers summer 2012

The first day, the group invited Project Life to join them at the Washington National Aquarium for an enjoyable two hour tour. After this the group was treated to lunch at the nearby Ronald Reagan building. And that wasn’t all! Somehow Natkai’s group had managed to conceal the fact that they were carrying backpacks which they presented to the orphans, chock full of toys, school supplies, and personal items.

The next day everyone traveled to Virginia and spent the full day at a water park. Again lunch, snacks and bags of goodies were provided. The group spent a lovely day along with Natkai, her friends and some relatives too.

Written By: Deborah Wilson
Assistant Director, Project Life

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