The American-Caucasus Conference and Fundraiser

Project Life, in collaboration with the Foundation for Assistance to Formerly Displaced People, has organized The American-Caucasus Conference which will be held in the Northern Caucasus from May 21st – May 23rd of 2013.

International representatives of World Life Institute will reunite with children who visited the United States for two month periods from 1998-2012 in Project Life’s War Orphans Rehabilitation program. Community and social workers, teachers, government staff and friends are invited to come in the spirit of building trust across continents.

The conference will focus on the research and experiences of professors, representatives from humanitarian organizations, students and volunteers who are passionate about the history, culture and current reality of the Northern Caucasus. Special attention will be focused on humanitarian efforts in the region, specifically pertaining to peace, hope and future endeavors. A main objective of The American-Caucasus Conference is to provide citizens of the Northern Caucasus with the opportunity to present compelling material and ideas which will be internationally recognized.  Click here to view the American-Caucasus Conference brochure.

The Youth Serving Youth-The Voice Gavel Club of Markham Ontario, Canada will hold its first charity fundraiser in support of Project Life on Saturday April 6th 2013. The event will include an art auction featuring pieces by famed Italian American artist Lorenzo Ghiglieri, four course dining, several informational presentations and more. See attached brochure for more details and how to become a sponsor. Sponsorship Request.

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  1. Project Life Team says:

    Thanks to The Gavel Club for raising $22,500 for Project Life!

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