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Welcome to Project Life! ** Thank you for celebrating Project Life's 20th anniversary ** Read this article to learn more**
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Project Life marks 20th year...Come celebrate on August 13!
It’s been 20 years since five nervous young boys from Sarajevo touched down in Rochester to join the Waterport community for the inaugural year of Project Life. To date, Project Life has hosted more than 130 international orphans from Bosnia, the Russian Caucasus, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. We’re planning a party in Waterport to celebrate our 20th season.

Join us on Sunday, August 13 and please bring your pictures and reminiscences to share. More information available soon!

Date: Sunday August 13, 2017
TIME: 2:00PM – 5:00PM
Address: World Life Institute Education Center
13302 Stillwater Road
Waterport, New York
Contact Number: 585-682-0730

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