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Welcome to Project Life! ** Thank you to all who came to the World Life Institute HQ's charity fundraising dinner. ** Read the latest Faces of Peace 2015 newsletter**
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Announcing successful year-end fundraising drive

Project Life’s Finance Manager Deborah Wilson announced this week that the year-end mail donation appeal raised $4,535 in just three weeks to help fund the program. This includes the ongoing costs of supporting young Mohammad who suffers from severe anemia, and the costs of sponsoring new orphans from overseas for summer 2016. “Donations are still coming in and I’m sure we will top $4,000 very soon. People are very touched by what they read in our newsletter,” Deborah said. To view our newsletter, go to the Press/Links page.

January 3, 2016 Charity Dinner
On January 3 more than 100 people were in attendance to inaugurate World Life Institute’s new Headquarters building at 229 West Center Street in Medina, N.Y. The historic building will be WLI’s new administrative home. It will also provide the perfect venue for WLI’s expanding education programs.

Project Life will continue to be based at the WLI Education Center in Waterport, as it has been since 1997.

Mike Sidari, Medina’s deputy mayor, praised WLI’s charity and education programs in his speech to the assembled dinner guests. Following Mr. Sidari’s talk, the Voice Gavel Club’s Arthur Liu spoke about the life-changing effects of working to raise funds for the orphans. As well, each WLI program head gave a short presentation outlining progress and plans. A delightful buffet meal capped off the activities, in addition to an auction of jewelry and paintings.

For more about the new HQ see these two articles from the Orleans Hub online newspaper: World Life Institute plans to turn Masonic Hall into new international headquarters and Masons in Medina looking for new home with imminent sale of building


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